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Our Team

At The Boxty House we value all our staff and take pride in representing the hospitality industry for over 30+ years. We champion Irish food and heritage, we always prioritise a healthy and fun work environment. We place an emphasis on growth and contribution within the workplace, no matter your background or where you started there is always room for you here at the Boxty House 

Furthermore, since 2022 we have introduced new competitive rates as well as incentivised bonuses that benefit all staff, whether you're serving the guests, whipping up the cocktails, cooking the food, cleaning the pots or managing the floor this scheme works to benefit every member of staff and that is a priority for us at Gallagher's Boxty House!

If you find yourself looking for a change of pace and want to be apart of our team, why not drop us an email with your CV.

Padraic Óg Gallagher


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